YTS Proxy – A Detailed Review in 2019

One of the favorite activities to do in leisure time is watching movies. Almost everyone loves to watch the latest movie of their favorite movie star and if the theatre is houseful, finding a seat becomes difficult. In this article, we are going to talk about top yts proxy that helps you unblock the access to YTS Movies.

These days a lot of movies are released every week due to which, every movie that is released has a very limited time in cinema halls or theatre. If you couldn’t attend any show due to work or any other reasons, downloading the movie and watching it on your laptop is the only option you are left with!

yts proxy

YTS movies, also known as YIFY movies, is a hub to download the movies in any format, whether it is 720p, 480p or 1080p. You can find almost every movie that you want to watch no matter what year it was released in. The movies are available in a variety of resolutions.

Features of YTS Movies

• Movies can be downloaded in multiple formats  yts proxy alternatives
• Subtitles can also be downloaded from yts. yts proxy
• Movies can be sorted according to the genre, quality, and other parameters. yts movies • Grid view – the movies are sorted in a grid view, which makes it easier to look up. yts proxy download
• A detailed description and users review is available to read for every movie. So, if you are randomly downloading movies, you can read the reviews first. yifi proxy
• Registration is not compulsory unless you want to add a review. yifi proxy

Piracy of movies is illegal; therefore, these movies are compressed into torrents and distributed on the internet. Therefore, to stop the illegal distribution of copyrighted content, the Government appeals the ISP companies to blacklist the domains of these websites.

Once the domains are registered in the blacklist, accessing them directly by entering the URL in the search bar of the browser becomes impossible. This leaves you with one option to access these blocked sites, and that is VPN.
But if you don’t want to install a VPN in your pc to access YTS/YIFY movies, you can use a YTS proxy. If you don’t know what yts proxy is, scroll down, as we have penned down even the tiniest information related to YTS proxy.

What Is YTS Proxy?

YTS is a hub to download movies in any format whether it is 720p, 480 p or blue-ray. YTS is completely free to use and never ask for any charges for downloading a movie. It distributes movies via torrent, which is illegal; therefore accessing the site directly is not possible anymore due to the government’s restrictions.

You can access it using a YTS proxy site, which is one of the best ways to access yts without exposing your personal information with them.

The proxy acts as an intermediary and prevents the users IP to be transmitted to the website. This won’t let the website detect your location. E.g., If you are living in Canada and accessing a website using US proxies, the website will think that you are a visitor from the USA instead of detecting your exact location’s IP.

In simpler words, proxies let you access a website without using any VPN service and unblock the website in the region where the original domain is not banned. A downside about these proxies is that most of them are slow and face a regular downtime.

To let the people, access their website, the owner of YTS aka yify have created multiple proxies that can work without using the VPN and the user can download any movie without any hassles.
We are providing you a list of YTS proxy that can be used to access the site directly by copy-pasting the URL in the search bar.

The site mentioned above can be directly accessed by the user. Some of the proxies might not work for you which is very usual as working of the proxy depends upon the user’s location. If none of the proxies in the above list worked for you, there is one final option to access the YTS proxy, that is VPN.

You can either download a free VPN or use a browser with an inbuilt an VPN. If you don’t want to install a VPN, the best way is to install a browser with an inbuilt VPN.

List of 10 Fastest Unblocked YTS Proxy


How To Access YTS Proxy With VPN?

To access YTS proxy with a VPN, install opera mini in your pc. Opera mini is a quite popular browser which has a lot of features and loads up the webpages faster than the other browsers. One of the best features of opera mini is its inbuilt VPN.

You can connect to the VPN and access any blocked site in your region. The inbuilt VPN of opera is fast and secure. We will now see how to access YTS proxy using the opera mini’s inbuilt VPN.

  • Firstly, search for opera mini on google and download the latest version from their official site.
  • The download will hardly take 10 seconds depending upon your internet speed.
  • Once the download is complete, install the package in your PC.
  • Launch the opera mini-application on your PC. A short tour of instructions will help to get acquainted with its features which you can also skip.
  • Now go to settings and on the top right corner, you will see a search bar. Type VPN and hit enter.
  • The VPN settings will appear and all you have to do is enable the VPN.
  • Once the settings are enabled, you will see a VPN icon on the left side of the default search bar.
  • Click on the symbol once and activate the VPN.
  • Now head towards the list of YTS proxy that we have provided above. Copy-paste any of the above-listed proxy in the address bar of opera mini and hit enter.
  • You will now be able to access the website.

Final Word

YTS movie is a free platform to download movies with subtitles. The movies are available in the best available formats and don’t require any signup or registration process. Accessing YTS movies directly is not possible due to the government’s interference to stop the distribution of pirated content, the website is blocked in many regions.

YTS proxy is available to access the site without exposing your location. Some of these proxies might not work in your region due to location issues. In this article, we have provided a list of working yts proxies and also a method to access these proxies with a VPN.


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