Torrent Project: A Review you Shouldn’t Miss

Torrent Project, one thing that you can’t miss if you are a sucker for video content. Nowadays, platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken a tremendous rise in providing online movies and series content over subscriptions.

The demand for online watching has taken a rise in the past few years and buying subscriptions to all these applications or purchasing new games is a hectic and expensive task.

Torrent Project
The Best Torrent Search Engine

But, watching movies or playing games is now made easier with Torrent project wherein you can download all kinds of movies, games, web-series and even softwares.

You just need to type the name and you will get various downloads for the same within seconds. Downloads are quick and hassle-free for you to enjoy your game or movie as soon as possible.

There is no need to purchase various subscriptions or go out for movies and waste your time when you have it all on one platform i.e. Torrent Project.

You don’t need to purchase various project licenses like Anti-viruses or Photoshop as everything is available on Torrent Project free of cost. You can use the platform using h33t Torrent

Now, before we move further let’s know what Torrent Project exactly is.

What is Torrent Project?

Torrent project is basically a meta torrent search engine which searches over 300 websites of torrent for the content you’ve asked for and gives you hundreds and thousands of results. The downloads are supported with BitTorrent or uTorrent which makes it easy to track and increases the download speed.

Torrent Project Categories
Torrent Project Categories

The search engine is just like any other search engines providing you all kinds of download under one platform rather than many other places with a demo folder for saving up your time along with comments reviewing the files.
You don’t need any type of sign up or anything such to access the site and download it’s content which makes it even more better than other websites or platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar, etc.

Key Features of Torrent Project

1. Easy Availability

Torrent Project is easily available via various proxies. You just have to search Torrent project and you will get many proxies and you can choose one as per your country to have a good upload speed.

Each country at least has 2 to 3 proxies available which ensures the availability of the site no matter where you’re at.

2. Vast Dictionary

Torrent project searches over 300 torrent sites and it literally provides each and every movie, show, web-series, game and software one needs whether it’s a newly released movie, Netflix original or paid software. Everything is available at Torrent Project.

You have everything available at one platform which makes it time saving and less clumsy by avoiding too many applications for dofferent movies or series.

3. Free of Cost

Free of Cost

Absolutely Free for You!

Each and every content available is completely free of cost. It includes no charges at all just a smooth internet connection and you’re good to go. You will get all the paid content from other platforms too for free on torrent. You just need to go through the a few ads.

4. Download Speed

High Download Speed
High Download Speed

The download speed is quite impressive and quick which is made easier with BitTorrent or uTorrent. You just need to download either of these application to make it better.

5. Choices

Torrent Project Choices
Multiple Download Options

The site provides you with all the choices you need. It gives you an option to download in different quality and from different providers giving you an overview of the download and quality via comments, seeds and leeches. Greater the seeds better is the download.

6. VPN

The site gives you an option to prevent from being tracked by providing you with an option of changing your VPN with just one click. This hides your VPN giving you the best downloads to move further.

Torrent Project is so far one of the best amongst all the available torrent options giving you the best results. The site is never down and proxies are easily available.

Millions of people use the website everyday specially the teenagers and young generation who like to binge watch free of cost.

Using the site is quite easy for one to understand. Still, for your convenience you can follow the below given steps.

Steps to Download a file from Torrent Project

  1. At first you need to download an application amongst the two i.e. BitTorrent and uTorrent. This will help you manage and track the downloads.
  2. Further, you need to open your browser and search for Torrent Project. Many sites will pop up providing you the proxies.
  3. Then you need to search for what you need and site will provide you with various options. For example: If you’ve searched for a movie it will provide you with many options with various download prints. You can download the HD print or 480p for watching on phone as the file with 480p quality will be of small size.
  4. Then after choosing you need to click on the file and then click on the magnet logo on the page.
  5. Click the magnet logo to start downloading the file in BitTorrent and uTorrent.
  6. You can track the download speed and amount with the application and once you’re done you can enjoy watching the same.
  7. You can download various files at a time, pause a download and resume when you want.

Also, while downloading series with various episodes you can first download the first one and stop the rest and then start watching the same while keeping the next one on download.

Torrent Project is the most used website for downloading all types of content with just one con which are the ads. If one can manage that which is quite easy then it’s one of the best website available for downloading the appropriate file you need.


Overall Torrent Project is a hardcore Meta Engine with many options available and rules over Pirate-bay, 1337x and other torrent search engines in terms of the results and less ads.

The comments on the files guide you to the best downloads available which are helping and saving your time on every download you do. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start downloading.



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