Suikoden 6 – A Detailed Review in 2019

Konami is another company from Japan, which has given amazing games to the community. Game series such as Contra, Metal Gear, Castle Vania, and Suikoden 6 are some of the top-rated series by Konami which have ruled over the minds of nerdy gamers.

Classical anime and games have always been cherished not only around the sub-continent but in all respects the worlds as well. These games are often linked with the storyline and the characters of these animes and have eternally contributed to the mind of developers.

Game designers from top companies in Japan such as Capcom, Namco Bandai, Sega, Level Five, and many more have flourished the market with their provocation games. Although there is a stunning response from the gamers side too, which makes these industries to survive in the competition.

What is Suikoden?

Suikoden is a game series which is based on a Classical Chinese Novel. Suikoden 6 game series comprises a maximum of 6 characters which is controlled by the player itself. The anime game is developed by Yoshitaka Murayama.

The game intends that the combatant is trying to defeat the enemy in retaliation of their attack. Each fighter in the crew is assigned its unique role in each series.

Each character in Suikoden 6 goes down to the street of the city where he faces deadly zombies and bloodthirsty monsters, rip them off and head on to next town that how the game goes.

The Suikoden 6 series is divided among following titles which are arranged chronologically:

  • Prequels
  • Sequels
  • Spin-offs

Suikoden Games List

  • Suikoden 6
  • PlayStation: 15 December 1995, Japan; 1996, North America; April 1997, Europe.
  • Sega Saturn: 17 September 1998, Japan.
  • Microsoft Windows: 1998, Japan; 1999 China; 1999, South Korea.
  • Mobile Phones: 2008–2009, Japan.



  • PlayStation: 17 December 1998, Japan; 25 September 1999, North America; 28 July 2000, Europe.
  • Microsoft Windows: 2003, China.
  • Mobile Phones: 2009–2010, Japan.

Suikoden III

Suikoden 3

  • PlayStation 2: 11 July 2002, Japan; 24 October 2002, North America.

Suikoden IV

Suikoden 4

  • PlayStation 2: 19 August 2004, Japan; 11 January 2005, North America; 25 February 2005, Europe.

Suikoden V

Suikoden 5

  • PlayStation 2: 23 February 2006, Japan; 21 March 2006, North America; 22 September 2006, Europe.

Suikoden and its history

 First released in 1995 by Konami; Suikoden originally was first compatible with Sony PlayStation gaming console in Japan only, but due as the game spread it became much popular among the world in a short period.

It falls under the category of Role-playing game or abbreviated as RPG and also has different roles to play. Since then, it became famous among the gamers of the gaming world at a breakneck pace. Till now, Konami has released five titles under the name of this game which are

As more and more titles were released the gamers lacked interest in this game and were moving away from it, but still, there were some players. It has been a long time Konami has barely released any newer version of this game and have left their fan base in a situation of disguise and despair for the succeeding version of this game, i.e., Suikoden 6 which lead them to a phase of rumor among the fans and the gaming community.

Suikoden with its novel

 Many of our keen readers would be astonished to know that Suikoden also owns its book. The visual novel was made available by the new team in between the year 1999 to 2001. These novels were based on Suikoden 2 named as Suika Gaiden and were considered as spin-offs.

Suikoden 6

The novels were quite popular among the gamers but had some limitations too as they were only made available in Japan only as it supported only PlayStation 1 console. It began as a massive disappointment to the European fans and the fans throughout the world too.

Later on, on working further in this project with some developers, Konami released the third version of Suikoden in which some notable changes were observed. Which were:

  • There were four combatants instead of one as in previous versions
  • Three main characters were also edited and with some added traits
  • Some optional characters were also added in the play

Although, their hard work paid them off very well in the future as the game rocked the gaming world with a boom and earned a lot of profit and complementary positive feedback was also observed in return.

Suikoden 4: A successful blooper

Although Suikoden 3 was successful and raised profit pretty much so, in no time Konami and Nintendo decided to release the 4th sequel of Suikoden, named as Suikoden 4. The game was also made available around different corners of the world such as Japan, North America, many countries in Asia and Europe too.

This game was written by the former writer of Suikoden1 and directed by Masa Dukey Tsuruta. In spite of all of the team’s effort in which some were new in the organization, and some collaborated from another version, the game did not succeed to go well in the market.

It came out to be a blooper for different reasons as there was not effective team coordination due to new developers in the team. Another reason that can be asserted is it had not smooth graphics experience.

Suikoden 6: What about Hearsays?

As the time elapsed Suikoden started to fade away from the views of the gamers among the gaming community; consequently, it started losing its fans base and followers. Still, many of them are in hope and waiting for its further releases, but there isn’t any response from the Konami.

As the rumors spread about the Suikoden 6 not less than a forest fire, the fans showed up from nowhere to know excitingly about the release.

Suikoden Revival Movement

In this movement, people have come up made implausible efforts to enlighten their note to the game developers of Konami and what changes they want in the game and the upcoming releases. This movement has come out to be remarkable and significant responses from the gamers as it has gathered much attention from the people over Facebook.

Over 30000 people have garnered attention on the Facebook page. In spite of these hard efforts and practices, there hasn’t been any response from the Konami.

Suikoden 6: The Reason for the Delay of the Game

Well, it’s not wrong to say anymore that the fans have been keen to hear any word from Konami. Especially the people who have been following this game series from a long time, Suikoden 6 has been the most popular game ever made in this series by Konami.

There can be many reasons that can be considered when it comes to delaying of Suikoden 6; these can be:

The developers of Konami have moved their mind from console gaming to mobile gaming. As it is common to manipulate that nowadays many people are on mobile gaming rather than consoles as it can be played on the go so it can attract much more audience than consoles.

Also, mobile gaming makes them more money by monetizing the app by applying in-game ads and purchases also, but that doesn’t lead to the certainty of the game available in Android and iOS devices too. Till now there have been only rumoring about it.

According to some unknown sources, there have been conspiracies and assertions that Konami has sold the rights to release the game ‘Suikoden 6‘ to another AA rated gaming company.

Piracy can also be another factor which discourages the game developer from releasing the games for PlayStation as there are many hackers which are in the industry to cut-off the profit by a large margin, these hackers can hack any games in the time of within a week or two. So, it also takes a lot of time and money furthermore to develop strategies against these hackers.

When Will the Suikoden 6 Game Release?

Releasing a game not only requires money to accommodate high skilled developers and team to make it but also requires the fund to invest many other things such as marketing across different media handles, sponsorship along with additional expenses.

In recent times, due to the decrease in sales of Suikoden, the profit has decreased considerably. If a company doesn’t manage to get enough sales, then it is not economically beneficial to invest in the business.

Konami also made an official statement in mid-2016, which stated that they would not be looking forward to the game as they would be interested in different business solutions to nurture their business. This means that there would not be any further releases in a possible future, and it left their old fans shattered and to wait for a long time to see any news out there.

Konami has also been getting focused on making spin-offs instead concentrating on the game itself; this has set its mind off the game. Apart from these, there have been internal team disputes which let too lousy coordination of the teammates.

What to do until Suikoden 6?

It would be undoubtedly clear to readers that it that there are very satisfied chances of Suikoden 6 to be released in the upcoming time. One can also look upon many games that come in the same or nearby category that of Suikoden series, i.e., Role-Playing Games (RPG).

Many studios develop tons of games every quarter to fulfill the need of the gamers and not they rely on a particular company for entertainment, so fans must take a break from their nostalgic memories about a specific game and look upon the ocean full of entertainment out there. Here are some of the games which will work out for our readers. One must look upon in details to play:

Skies of Arcadia

It would be quite unfair if we talk about Role-Playing games and we do not mention this game. Skies of Arcadia was released by one of the most renowned and famous game studios SEGA. It has been one of jack in this industry. Being developed by Overworks and Dreamcast and finally published in 2000 by SEGA, the game mainly consists of battle and fights between the characters.

Skies of Arcadia narrates the story of Vyse, a person who is a member of Blue Rogues, basically a group of “Robin Hood” or air pirates. To stop the evil plans of the great Valuan Empire Vyse and his friends’ team up and defend themselves against the evils by helping a gorgeous girl Fina who is the only survivors of the ancient civilization and finding her the Moon Crystals.

Skies of Arcadia is somewhat similar to Suikoden 4 in many terms such as battle system, use of ships and boats in the game. The similarities are not restricted to this only, but other features such as fascinating world-building are also the primary key in this game.

On further exploring the battle system we got to know that, there are two different types of battle system present, which are unique in their way of playing. In the first one, the characters directly get into enemies, which is a kind of turn-based battle.

Whereas in the second one can defend their ship and attack their airship targets. Although the campaigns are always randomized and each time you play to be sure to face a new enemy ahead.

Chrono Cross

Here’s another Role-playing game it was released in 2000 for PlayStation 1 gaming console by the Square which is AA gaming studio. This game can be considered quite similar to Suikoden as it also has many characters (i.e., 45 characters) and a vast storyline and the battle system also supports army formation which makes it as good as Suikoden. Apart from this, the background songs are also melodious to the gamers and are well liked by them.

Chrono Cross is based on a visual note ‘Radical Dreamers’ and also is a successor to a popular game Chrono Trigger games. In this story, the storyline is based around a sergeant who is thrown in another universe and is practically dead there. To find the reason why is so happening to him only he is going back and forth between the worlds to understand this situation.

Just like Suikoden series this series is also chained to its other successors and predecessors. It is considerably noted that many gamers haters this linking of games with the set since they aren’t able to get the context in the game if they do not play them all while some of them love this unconditionally too.

They are talking about the battle system about this game, which is quite similar to the Suikoden along with its twist and actions. One of the characteristic features which both of the games is “unite attack,” which is also quite different in their way.

Apart from these, there are some enchantments like amulets and boats which helps the gamer to time travel and craft to control yourself. Meanwhile, there are headquarters in Suikoden, which isn’t present here.

Radiata Stories

Radiata stories were released in 2005 for PlayStation 2. The game consists of 176 characters which is much larger than that of Suikoden whole series itself. This game has the same environment that of Suikoden but has different fight strategies. The commonality that gamers can find between these two games is that they both possess a fight between human and non-human characters.

In this game, the character (jack) who’s the son of Radiata Knight who defeated the water dragon, begins off with being a simple person and later developing master skills and getting more attention in the game by making more allies and gaining reputation which is also common to Suikoden series.

Also, there is a fight between human and non-human characters, which is also interesting stuff in the game. It is not possible to get all 176 characters in Radiata Stories in one play-through. Nevertheless, this game is worth (playing) than waiting for another version of the Suikoden series.

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles is another game developed at SEGA by Shuntaro Tanaka and Ryutaro Nonaka. This game is much similar to Suikoden and has almost the same game-play although different stories but fall in the same genre. This can be considered as a good alternative for Suikoden 6.

There exist two superpowers in the fictive continent of Europa, that are East Europian Imperial Alliance and Atlantic Federation which are at war with each other. There exists disinterested nation of Gallia, a place that is prosperous with Ragnite stones. The town is being attacked by the invaders, and hence the civilians together form a militia to defend their country land.

This game uses the BLiTZ system, which refers to any tactical role-playing game along with some added twists. War at Valkyria Chronicles is unique in its way as one can zoom into a unit and even can fight with each enemy in action with a significant action point. Although at Suikoden series, the battle system is special and unique in its ways, this game also has some positive feedback from the users.

The Last Remnant

The game is centered around a young boy named Rush Skyes, who lives peacefully and happily at Eulam Island. The story starts when his sister gets kidnapped by an anonymous hooded man. Rush Skyes soon leaves off the island to find his sister, and hence the game also starts.

The character also comes to meet David Nassau, who is another one willing to volunteer in the completion of the mission. Rush also comes up in between other kingdoms while the search is going on by them. Similar to the previous game, The Last Remnant also has the same battle system as Suikoden. As is each game the player can engage in a turn-based fashion, i.e., can play with more than a role in a game.

Although of some complex game-play due to lack of explanation of the fighting system the players will still like it if they give them time to understand it, the game is developed by Square Enix which put some unique twists and plots in the game which make it different from other RPG games.

Last words for Suikoden 6:

As all of our readers would have known till now but it’s worth mentioning that Suikoden is Role-playing game series which is developed by the game franchise Konami. This game has six parts which are named chronologically after the name of the series.

Apart from the main competition he Suikoden series shares spin-off which is a kind of title relating to the story of the characters of the game. It has been a while that the fans of Suikoden haven’t heard anything from its developers, i.e., Konami.

It was on 2006 when Suikoden 5 was released and is the latest release of the game and was the last time it was any news from there. Sadly, it has been over a decade, and there isn’t any news from the team, and it seems they have completely forgotten about the release.

Now the remaining fan base is in a saddened situation that they won’t get to hear anything about the game in the nearby future.

Here we have seen some of the best Role-playing games ever made which are in similar to the Suikoden series in many aspects such as battle systems, themes, storyline, graphics stimulation or many more if counted., but the count isn’t ending here.

There are many games which are of the Role-playing genre or belong to a nearby type. Even thousands of games are released in a short span of every quarter with the help of these hard-working game developers and team efforts.

It is a tip to the reader not to dig out other option available which may have better game-play but not be as mighty as Suikoden game series.


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