SevenTorrents: Alternatives that Download Files in a Blaze

SevenTorrents Review -Movies are the best way of entertainment for almost every individual nowadays. Due to advanced technology, we can entertain ourself whenever we want. There is no specific need to visit theaters or sit in front of your television sets to view the particular movies and tv shows.

Everything is made now available online. You need to name it, and everything is possible in only one click. But, in the case of movies, many people face problems because they cannot find appropriate sites or links to download or propose their favorite films. So, this problem also got solved many seven torrents sites came up.

It gave free access to people to search for movies and different shows easily without any hassle. Thus, it attracted many viewers to visit the site for different genre movies, and this factor made it popular many millions of users. Day by day, it got famous, and everyone got a chance to view films without worrying about any place, time, and money.


SevenTorrents : Many may know or not may that seven torrents served as a torrent site for almost 10 years. As per the records the previous year, this site serviced around six million unique viewers and has approximately 200,000 members. It is something amazing recorded by any torrent site.

All movie torrents come with detailed movie information gathered from multiple sources. Movies can get filtered by size, format, audio, and video quality. SevenTorrents (7Torrents) is a movie torrent tracker. SevenTorrents intends to be a reliable source for the latest scene and p2p group movie releases.

So, as you know till now that this site served as a torrent site, so it is evident that it will experience some of the other issues. It was the same as this site also. It got many complaints related to copyright issues, limitations, domain bans and, etc.

Still, it tried to serve its millions of viewers with the service for many years. And indeed the users of this site were also very much satisfied with the facility.

SevenTorrents Shuts Down 🙁

We know that everything has an end, and so it’s the case with this site. Every year it tried to entertain people and provide the best service that will help them to enjoy their movies. But this site came down after ten years of service as it received many complaints related to the regulation violation and copyright issues.

Still, they tried to keep up their work and entertainment their users for a long time. But finally, there came a day when the shutdown of the SevenTorrent site got finalized. Before it got down, it announced to its users to not get upset with its shut down.

They can enjoy the same movie streaming service from a different site as WatchSoMuch as it provided the same service but in a better way. They have super fast search features and also has a mobile-friendly design.



They transferred their data to that site where users can log in with the same account and password. Every single data related to movies, torrents, comments, activities were transferred to that site so that the users don’t miss out anything from SevenTorrents site.

Still, there were concerns related to the privacy factor of the users, to which SevenTorrents replied that the users should not worry about their privacy. Because everything was secured and they can continue having the same privacy in that site as they had in SevenTorrents.

Alternatives of SevenTorrents 👍

ISO Hunt


It is a torrents site similar to SevenTorrents. This site gets considered as the best Bittorrent site and best P2P torrent search engine. But its work is going on underground. It provides all the newest releases of movies, games, applications, Anime, and other stuff.

Due to regulations and security issues, it has transferred to a more secure place of the internet. It got recognized as the world’s largest BitTorrent search engine. As this site spiders every BitTorrent tracker it gained more popularity around the world.

Every Isohunt User with the torrent client can quickly download every single torrent file as they want. As we know that torrent downloads have a high risk of getting legal issues. So, that’s the reason why we do not offer torrent files anymore. We hope to meet you on our safe binary channel.


This is another torrent site which provided the facility of searching and downloading movies, animes, and other kinds of stuff. is one of the largest databases as far as the BitTorrent sites considered.

This site provides almost every movie and tv shows and also an extensive database of Anime as well. The users of this torrent site can download not only movies, tv shows, animes but also download eBooks, P.C. Games, Xbox Games, Software, and much more.

Thus, this is the reason it is used by thousands of viewers to visit this site and download stuff for free. This torrent site appears to be more personalized for some users as it provides content and related sources to many users to maintain a customized design.

Still, it has a user-friendly design, and users can easily understand its features. The essential part is the movie browsing feature that helps the user to search for particular contents quickly. All you need is a BitTorrent client installed on your computer to enjoy its services.


1337x torrent website

This torrent site got considered as the third most popular torrent website of 2018. It is a site that provides a whole directory of torrent files and magnetic links that gets used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. This torrent website got founded in the year of 2007.

And it got famous by the year 2016 after Kickass Torrents site got shut down. In October 2016 it redesigned its website which added more functionalities.

Thus, it got banned from Google as the result of the strict action taken by Feelgood Entertainment in the year 2015. In 2015 it got transferred to .pl domain to .to, partly to avoid the block.


It is another torrent site, especially for anime streaming service. And is your looking for streaming Anime for free then LimeTorrents is the best choice. You can easily search thousands of contents for free and without any hassle. Many viewers love to view Anime as for their entertainment.

In the year of 1917,  Anime came up and got evolved dramatically in recent years. Mostly Anime contents are based on broad concepts, and they entertain everyone who finds time for it.

It has some fantastic graphics, and its compelling them gained a lot of fans all over the world. Anime got derived from word animation, and it first came in 1917 and evolved significantly in recent years. They mainly focus on broad concepts and entertain everyone who finds some time for it.

They are based on stunning graphics and exciting theme and have gained enough fan support during these years. This site is also used to download and browse different movies and tv shows other than Animes

It got introduced in the year of 2009 and since than lime torrents has been offering top- T.V. shows, games, software, movies and music to entertainment-enthusiasts.

Sumo Torrent

Sumo Torrent website
Sumo Torrent

This is also a torrent site which is used by many users around the world for browsing and downloading movies tv shows and other contents. Sumotorrent site also allows visitors to download Games, Software, Ebooks, and many more for free.

It has a verified torrents section, and the staff or the moderators always have a check on every content regarding its quality. So, you can find many materials of your interest and also download quickly. They provide high-quality kinds of stuff, and visitors will not have any issues related to it.

You mainly need a BitTorrent client installed on your device to access the services.


Idope torrent website
Idope torrent website

It is a site created in tribute of K.A.T. The administrators of this site also offer a mobile app facility for all the visitors who want to browse it through tablets and smartphones.

It has an extensive collection of torrents than KAT. Many of the users may not know about this site, and also the interface of this website getting tweaked for improvement. There are many features of this site, such as there would be no ads and no hidden cost when you browse for this website.

It does not make money from the users, and the searches are also anonymous. They do not track the users, and their I.P. address also gets deleted after every hunt. It is mobile-friendly.

Thus, you can find your search results quickly. You can also search through voice commands, and the torrents search results get listed in descending order, which makes this site to looks very systematic.

Just speak and find you search results as this site supports more than 30 languages with an excellent speech recognition. So, there is no doubt that this site is the best way to browse for movies and other content.

iDope is now “Torrentz2 k“, the new age torrent website for you!


Monova is one of the most popular torrents sites among the other torrent freaks. This site has a considerable reputation as it provides the safe and best torrents to its visitors. It has millions of users who visit the website for streaming different movies, tv shows, video contents and, etc.

Monova’s users can also upload video contents and other kinds of stuff anonymously. And they can register to the website to enjoy the extra benefits to bookmark different torrents. The design and interface of this site are straightforward and easy to understand.

Monova makes it easier for users to download their choice of torrents.

Your BitTorrent

YourBittorrent Website
YourBittorrent Website

This website is a file-sharing website which got founded as myBittorrent in the year of 2003. When in the year 2009 there was a split between the owner of the site the name of the website changed to yourBittorrent.

It’s a torrent tracking site for the p2p BitTorrent network. This site does not host any files but the information of the hosts of the location in an indexed torrent file. Thus these files are read by the clients who get located on their personal computer.

Your BitTorrent uses automated software to search for different host information on the Internet and does not actively oversee the indexed part in its database. Due to the lack of oversight, this website hosts torrents which allow the visitors to have access to software, movies, music, and other contents which get regarded as illegal under the copyright issues.

Illegal trackers are mainly removed by the site when any legitimate part files any complaint relating to it.

Pro tip Pro Tip

Use the built-in VPN feature of Opera browser to download torrents.

Final Word

So, now you may have got a clear idea about seven torrents website, its functionality and also about its alternatives. After its shut down users were very much disappointed. Still, you know now that there are many other sites which provide the same service the more facilities when compared to seven torrents.

So, go forward searching your favorite movies, tv shows, anime, video contents, and many more by viewing any of these sites. There are also other options to consider, but here we have only notified a few of the best and popular sites around the world among the users.

Still, before you visit any torrent site, make sure that that site is safe, and your privacy does not get harmed. Always have proper knowledge about such torrents sites as they are not legitimate sites to visit and browse. So, be safe and enjoy download and searching your interest contents online for free and without any hassle.


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