Top 8 Legal Movie Streaming Apps Available for Android Smartphones

Who doesn’t love movies and TV shows? There is nothing better than watching movies and TV shows while on the go. There are tons of movie streaming apps currently available in the market. This article revolves around the best legal movie streaming apps that are reliable and easy to use. 

So, let’s quickly dive in and have a look over some of the best legal movie streaming platforms. 

Best Legal Movie Streaming Apps

We have tried our best to narrow down your search for the best legal movie streaming apps currently available in the market. Here is a list of top apps.

i) Sony Cracklemovie streaming app

The first legal movie streaming app featured on our list is Sony Crackle. It is available on Google Play Store for free of cost. You can stream both movies as well as shows online while on the go. As Crackle is owned and developed by Sony, you can expect to have a large number of movies from Sony Pictures.

It has a massive library of movies that you can watch without any subscription. However, the source of income for Sony Crackle is Ads to support the application.


  • Free of Cost to use.
  • The massive library of movies supports HD-quality media files.
  • User-friendly Interface. 

ii) Tubi TVmovie streaming app

Another free of cost legal movie streaming app featured on the list is Tubings TV. The app has one of the best thriller movie libraries and TV shows which you might not find elsewhere. The app hosts movies and TV shows for all age groups, and you don’t even need any subscription. 

Radically, Tubings TV has something for everyone, from comedy, drama, kids, classic programs, to British and Korean series.


  • It supports Roku, Chromecast, as well as Smart TVs.
  • You can find HD-quality movies and TV shows. 
  • The app is entirely safe and legit to use.

iii) Kodimovie streaming app

Kodi is an open-source media player that is precisely not a movie streaming app; however, with the help of Kodi, you can watch a huge number of movies and TV shows. The application works by storing files in the Kodi called a repository.

Overall, Kodi is a powerful entertainment tool that can help you watch movies, live tv, shows, songs, and more. Some may consider it not-so-legal like the Showbox App but it’s technically not.   


  • Easy to install and use.
  • The platform offers you a huge library of movies and TV shows. 
  • Free of cost to use.

iv) JioCinemamovie streaming app

The next legal movie streaming platform featured on our list is JioCinema. It is among one of the most downloaded Entertainment apps on Android to watch movies and TV Shows. The platform offers around 10 genres and 15 Indian languages. 

The platform has an extensive collection of comedies and animation movies to watch. 


  • It has an extensive collection of Movies and TV Shows.
  • You can quickly navigate the application.
  • Huge library of Bollywood movies.

v) Netflixmovie streaming app

If you are a true movie lover, then you don’t need any intro about Netflix. It has more than 286 million users from all over the World. Netflix is said to be one of the best places to binge-watch shows or watch movies. The service hosts some of the most popular TV shows along with documentaries, films, and more.

Overall, Netflix is said to be one of the epitome of online entertainment as it offers one of the finest quality content. 


  • Most accessible movie streaming platform to use.
  • Massive library of movies and TV shows. 
  • It is quite safe and legal to use.

vi) Crunchyrollmovie streaming app

The Crunchyroll is another media streaming platform that focuses on east-Asian content such as Anime, Manga Series, Music as well as Shows. The application is designed for Anime lovers and is a legal way of watching media. 

Now, the application is freemium as you have to pay after 14-days of free trial to continue watching movies and TV shows. If you’re looking for free sites, you may want to check this list of free sites that allow TV streaming on both desktop and mobile platforms.


  • You can find all the popular Anime shows.
  • The platform offers East-Asian Content.
  • Super friendly user-interface.

vii) Viewstermovie streaming app

Viewster is available for both iOS as well as Android platform. With this media platform, you can watch awesome movies and TV shows, including Anime content as well. It is entirely free of cost to use and is a legal platform. The latest updates of the app include the latest movies, TV shows, and more every week. 

The application is free of cost; however, the app does show some annoying ads to support the developers. Overall, the platform is quite easy to use and legit.


  • Massive library of Anime movies and TV shows.
  • The platform has a neat and clean user-interface.
  • All the media files offered comes under licensed content.

viii) Amazon Primemovie streaming app

Amazon Prime is one of the fastest and most popular movies and TV shows streaming platforms. It is available for iOS as well as Android devices. The platform does manage the biggest production houses and shows the latest movies online. 

Amazon Prime is entirely a legal platform to use, and you can even watch live sports, including NFL, ATP, Premier Leagues, and more.


  • You can get IMDb information like songs, actors and more.
  • It offers HD-quality movies and TV shows.
  • The prime video app is quite easy to use and manage.

The Conclusion

So, these are some of the best Legal Movie Streaming Apps available for Android devices. You can download this application to start watching movies and TV Shows. In case you are looking for the best Anime content than Crunchyroll is best. 

Now, if you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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