h33t Torrent – A Detailed Guide in 2019

H33t is a torrent site used to download copyrighted content. As this site provides all pirated movies, copyrighted materials, and softer, it is not legalized. There are many flaws when we talk about h33t.

New movies before that are recently released or video contents which copyrights are available on this site. So, it was easy for the viewers to download the films and videos and watch it later as per their convenience.

H33t.com site was seized down after a lot of complaints against it. As it contained the copyrighted content and pirated movies many Internet giants complained about this site then soon it was seized down.

But this site came into existence again through h33t.eu domain. After h33t.com site got seized, it was still made live through a .eu domain. It was a European domain. But again after a few days many complaints registered against this domain, so it was again seized down by the law.

After so many efforts still h33t site came back as an h33t. To site. There is no surety that the site will excite longer because of there few rumors that this h33t.

To site will also be seized down and it will be the full stop for this site. Torrent sites are created, and they quickly get famous, but after some time, they get seized. But still, the creation of torrents sites has never stopped. If one torrent site comes down then again a new website comes live.

Why Use H33t?

When you cannot watch recently released movies, recently aired videos because of time or money, this site was the instant solution.

It was easy to visit this site and download our favorite movies, videos, and software, which were difficult to find somewhere else online. Using h33t reduced time and even it’s free to use and download pirated movies and copyrighted contents. This reason made it more popular among the users.

We just needed to create an account, and then all we had to do was search our interested movies and videos and download it to our device. Though the downloaded video quality was not as excellent to HD quality, still it was viewable. So, it was very convenient to use h33t to download pirated movies.h33t

Everyone knew that this site was not legalized to use, but still, it was in demand because of the easy availability of the videos, movies, and software.

After its abolishment of h33t.com and h33t.eu sites, it again made a come back with h33t.eu because it knew this site has already gained a lot of demand because of which it won’t be challenging to get a vast number viewers on its website.

The site provided simple steps to search and download movies, videos, and software form it directly to our account and then store it to our device. You just needed high-speed internet connectivity to download the contents from the sites.

Alternatives of H33t

 Though h33t is a popular choice of many viewers, still there are other sites similar to h33t which also provide pirated movies and copyrighted contents.  So, let’s have a glance on these sites also.

It is a full pirate bay site where you can find pirated movies and copyrighted contents. It is also in demand for the latest movies. These types of sites are open for everyone and have a working tracker. It is an illegal site to stream still many use it for video content download. It has a search section where you can search for your

This site provides a directory of torrent files to download. It came into existence in 2007 gained its popularity in less amount of time. This site got banned on google search, and you cannot view its related website. This action was taken after the complaints against this site, and it got shifter from .pl domain to.to domain. It was the 3rd most popular torrent site as per the record of 2018.

This site is also a torrent website. It was a BitTorrent Tracker site which provided files sharing of magnet links and pirated movies. But after some time it went down by some political pressure. There were other complaints against it, so this site was needed to move to another server due to the cancellation of the ISP service. It tracks many public torrents.

This site was the other option for viewers to download pirated movies and copyrighted content quickly. It was one of the largest sites which provided torrent files. But it came down in 2009 after the legal action of the Dutch court. After the legal effects, the operators deleted all the pirated content from the site, and it was seized down forever. The operators also stated that the site was going through loss for some years.

It was an online site that allows the user to search, download, upload, and browse for their exciting movies and video content. The user can upload the materials which were made available for other users to view and download. In 2013 this site was taken down after the legal actions. As it came down, no one was able to search for this site. It is a torrent indexer site that doesn’t host a public tracker.

  • Torrentreactorh33t alternative

Like many other torrent sites, this site also provided copyrighted contents and was recorded as the ninth most popular torrent site. For many years this site was used on a greater extent for searching pirated movies and videos. Like many other torrent sites, this site never intended to take over the world. This site is one of the oldest torrent sites but got banned in many countries.

  • BTJunkieh33t alternative

It was a torrent site used for pirated movie search and download. It was a web search engine, which operated between 2005 to 2012. With a vast number of users, this site was the fifth popular torrent site. There were nearly 4,000,000 active torrents and daily 4200 added torrents because of which it became the largest torrent search site on the web by 2006.

Like these torrent sites, there are many other sites that provided copyrighted content and pirated movies. But at some point in time, many of these sites got banned in some countries, and many sites got seized by the law. Still today many other sites have come up as torrent sites, but there is no surety that they will work for a longer time.

Few old torrent sites are still into existence, but they may also get seized anytime. Due to an increased number of complaints against such websites that provide pirated movies and other copyrighted content these sites shut down. But some operators come again with some other servers or domains.

A user always looks for such sites where they can download new content and videos which are unavailable easily. So, it is easy for such sites to gain popularity even if they come up with new sites and servers. Few of these sites are still available online, but they can get seized at any time.


In the end, we know that these sites are somewhat helpful to users, but at the same time, they violet many rules and regulations. The existence of such sites also affect the box office collections of newly released movies because of which many complaints come up against such torrent sites. And lead to the ban of these sites. Many websites got banned on Google, which means you cannot search for those sites. But few are available.

Many sites are the more significant private tracker sites that require an invitation form a user so that you can join that site and start using it. Those sites are called open tracker sites. Few sites are the public tracker sites you don’t need an invitation to join those sites. Just site that site and create your account, after that start browsing your favorite movies and other copyrighted content.

Some of these sites also contain malware and viruses which may harm your device, so before you visit any torrents related sites, make sure your device has antivirus protection. Downloads and uploads are readily available on torrent sites, so it gives easy access to such sites to the users. As these sites are not legal ones, we have to use it safely. Though many sites get seized, still you can look around other torrent sites which still exist privately with some other domain names.


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