How To Set a GIF as Your Background in Windows 10

A GIF is known as Graphics Interchange Format. It is simply a short and animated picture that can be used to either show a emotion or a reaction. Windows 10 allows us to set supported image as a background by simply going to personalization options.



The Windows operating system never had a functionality to add a GIF as background even after the latest version i.e, Windows 10 but we can set a gif as background with the help of some programs like BioniX Animated Wallpaper, Plastuer and Stardock DeskScapes.

Steps To Set a GIF as Your Background in Windows 10

  • Playlist >> Clear playlist. In order to remove all the imported media files from your computer.

  • After clearing the playlist, add your desired GIF wallpaper into the blank playlist (you can actually add more than one and the program will switch between them automatically according to the countdown you will set.
  • Adjust the timing in case you have more than one wallpaper in your playlist and then click on the Play button to start the wallpaper timer. If you don’t press the play button then it won’t automatically change the backgrounds.
  • There is also a shuffle mode you can use to see your GIFs shuffling in the background.

  • I prefer original size because it retains the overall quality of the gif however, you can select fill option that will enlarge the image that fits your screen but the output can be pixelated and might not look good so it is better to avoid this option.

  • Click on start and that’s it you have a GIF set as your background in your windows 10 operating system.
  • Once you hit start button the gif will be active but in case of a pause the frame will freeze and it show a static image instead.

Any Alternative?

Plastuer is another software you can use, it’s available as Pay What You Want with a minimum of 2 USD. There is not much of a difference between the two but it offers more simplified controls and interface.

Final Word

So this was the way I personally used to set a GIF as background in my Windows 10.

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