How To Fix YouTube Not Working in Android Smartphone

Youtube is one of the best video streaming platforms that is owned by giant search engine Google and an interesting thing to note that after Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine when it comes to video queries.

Users can upload the content to YouTube for the viewers or audience. It is approximated that 1 billion hours of content is being uploaded on daily basis, that itself expresses the popularity of youtube. Now the problem is that you went out to watch a video on YouTube android application and then you realized that youtube is not working anymore on your android smartphone so here are some ways to fix the issue. So let’s get started.

Steps To Fix YouTube Not Working


You can try to restart your smartphone as sometimes even a quick reboot can fix many problems easily especially in an android smartphone.

Check Internet Connection

The second thing you can try to check internet connection this may sound silly but sometimes it does happen. If you are using a Mobile-Data connection then make sure your data connectivity is enabled to do so you can watch out for mobile data icon in the notification panel. If you are using a wifi connection then make sure you are in range to that Wi-Fi connection.

Clear Application Cache

If above two steps didn’t work then simply go to settings >> apps and search for YouTube application. You have to clear the app cache data of the YouTube application, this method really works 9 out of 10 times so go ahead and try it.

Update YouTube Application

You can update your YouTube application from the playstore and make sure you are on the Operating system (Android Version) supported by the YouTube application. To check for the Android update go to settings >> about phone and check if an update is available or not.

Set Accurate Date And Time On Your Smartphone

Sometimes date and time can also affect YouTube application as web-based apps are required to be in sync with the current date and time.

Above mentioned are some easy and quick ways to fix YouTube android application on your android smartphone.

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