Top 5 Escape Room Games in 2020 [Latest]

How would you like being captured and left on your own to escape using your strategies? Well, that’s the kind of game we’re going to discuss today- Escape room games. These games are a type of advanced puzzle game. These games feel more realistic when plotted in a real-world scene. And developers cleverly keeps this in mind while focusing on the gameplay

Some of these escape games have a simpler storyline, while others have complicated stories. So it’s literally a cumbersome task to rank the 5 best escape room games out of them.

Here we go:

  • 100 DOORS SERIESescape room games

As the name implies, this game has very simple yet gut-punching gameplay. You have to make your way through 100 different doors representing 100 different levels

Every door is to be opened by solving the puzzle on the door. Needless to mention, as you keep progressing, the levels just get tougher, and puzzles get weird. 

Though there are numerous .games on the same idea as 100 floors or 100 doors, none of them has the ability to make the players pinned like this one.

Well, this escape room game is in the top 5 of our list for a reason!

  • ADVENTURE ESCAPE SERIESescape room games

Stuff like solving mysteries to escape the clutches of death or awaiting danger isn’t new to the world of puzzle games or team building events. But what adds to the excitement is the protagonist and simplistic style that still catches the players attention till the end.

This game by Haiku Games is the brightest example of the same. Their storyline is to solve the mystery and get out the danger alive and is accompanied by decent graphics, straightforward mechanics, and gripping storyline.

All the nine games of this adventure series are available for free. But there are likely to have in-app purchases.

  • ALL THAT REMAINS: PART 1escape room games

What made this game to be on our top 5 escape room games list is primarily its compelling trailer and heart-throbbing story. In this game, we will find the main character and his sister, who are trying to escape from a secret bunker, where they were kept hidden by their father. 

The means of contact between the siblings will be a radio transmitter, and the main character would have a camera to shot the picture of different clues. These clues will help him later on his way out.

Decent soundtrack, captivating graphics, excellent storyline cumulatively gives us a reason to pay a subscription fee of $1.99, which is worth it.

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The game is the first installment of its developers, and so we can expect more nail-biting series after this.

  • CAN YOU ESCAPE SERIESescape room games

Once again, an escape series that puts you into worse situations, and your only way out is to solve puzzles. 

But there’s a twist. Though most of the destinations are fictional, you’ll be astonished to see some realistic arenas as well, like Titanic.

The mechanism of gameplay is simple, point-and-click.

You’ll come across many hidden items and all of the games in this series definitely worth the time of time-killers. 

Though MobiGrow made most of them completely free, some might still require payment after a trial period.

  • THE ESCAPISTS 1 AND 2escape room games

This game made to our list due to its unique game plot than the others. 

Instead of escaping from any hard situations or passing through any doors, you’ll be taking the role of a prisoner and escape the prison.

You’ll have to collect items, devise strategies, and implement them to pave your way out. 

Both of the games have similar gameplay mechanism, except for the fact that the second part has more items, greater and tougher prisons and mundane of everything. 

Beyond doubt, the games worth the $6.99 payment while downloading.

Conclusion :

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