[DETAILED] Top 5 Best Small Business Tools In 2020 [LATEST]

Hunting for the best tool for a small business user is quite a daunting task. It’s not difficult, but it is an expensive endeavor to run small businesses. Now, after so much hard work, we have come with the top 5 best small business tools you should use to grow an enterprise.

Moreover, the tools which are featured on the list are commercial and freemium software that offers you a free trial, and once your small business outgrows the free plan, you have to buy them. So, without wasting time, let’s quickly dive in and find out some of the best small business tools which you should use.

Top 5 Best Small Business Tools 

Here is the top tool which small business owners should use to grow their business. 

1. Skype ~ Communication & Meetingsbusiness tools

Skype owned and maintained by Microsoft is quite a reliable platform for VOIP calling. It is a tool that every small business should have to communicate with the team and manage the thing. You can either communicate with the team at a time, contractors, podcast guests and talk to other entrepreneurs to grow your origination. 

The premium feature of Skype includes calling landlines, as well as cell phones. Moreover, you can share your screen with other people.

2. GoodHire ~ Hiring Valuable Peoplebusiness tools

Well, running a small business is quite risky and needs much money. Now, to make use of every single penny for your small business, you have to hire quality staff. Hiring staff is quite a stressful task, especially for small companies, since you need to verify everything. 

Here comes a software GoodHire that can surely help you in making everything go paperless and stress-free. GoodHire can deliver results within less than 24 hours, and this can expand your team can be simple.

3. Incfile ~ Legal Departmentbusiness tools

If you are ready to form an LLC or corporation, then Incfile review is worth checking, it is one of the most affordable business formation services currently available in the market. Opening business nowadays is quite a difficult task when it comes to the legal steps and the registries to do the business. Here is the small Incfile review, which you should look into if you’re facing one of the legal issues.

You have to signup and verify your name as well as address. Once you are done with all the verification process, you can file your business documents and get the necessary details. The Incfile offers you the unlimited phone, email support as well as you’ve access to real-time order tracking tool.

Every customer of Incfile will get the free business tax consultation from a certified professional.

4. MailChimp ~ For Marketing business tools

Email marketing nowadays is quite an effective marketing strategy. To promote business, the first and foremost choice for most people is email marketing. You have to collect the emails and send valuable information to your mailing list. 

Using MailChimp can actually make your work easy and effortless. The platform offers you both premium subscription as well as a free plan. In a free plan, you have options like A/B testing, custom forms, segmentation as well as reports. You can only send 12000 emails in a month with an open plan.

5. QuickBooks ~ Managing Finance & Accounts business tools

Well, one of the important thing which every business needs is money and using it correctly, especially when you’re starting a business. QuickBooks can help you manage your accounting and run your business with overall financial health.

Radically, people use QuickBooks to track their business sales and expense. QuickBooks can help you connect to thousands of accounts – including your business bank, PayPal accounts, Credit Cards, and more. Moreover, the tool has an application that supports Android, as well as iOS.

The Conclusion

So, what’s stopping you. Hire these top 5 small business tools to grow your business and find the best out of your business. Moreover, you can use the free plans first and then go with the full-fledged version of the tools featured on our list. 

Now, one of the tools which I should recommend to ensure Customer Relationship Management is Apptivo. This particular tool offer complex, expensive as well as other features. This tool comes up with a free Starter plan too. 

Do you use any of the business tools?

Tell us which tool you used the most and what you liked about it. Also, share other details if you want to include it on our list. For any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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